Our Custom Home Remodeling Process

Our Process Towards Your New Home Remodel

“We shape our dwelling, and afterwards our dwellings shape us” -Sir Winston Churchill

Everyone knows that a homeowner’s house is more than just a property – it’s an extension of themselves. We know you have specific goals and preferences for your project. Here at SHCC, we want to make sure that your completed project is satisfying for you. We start with discussing your vision of the project to develop a better understanding of your desires and needs for the space being built or remodeled. We then conceptualize your vision to effectively utilize your available space for high efficiency. SHCC ensures that with our home addition or remodeling plans, your needs are not only being met, but often are exceeding your expectations.

Contact Us:

Initial phone call: The initial phone call will help us understand the scope of work, timeline, and your investment range related to your remodel. This will help determine if we are a good fit for your remodeling needs.  Then we proceed to a scheduled on-site Consultation.

Initial on-site consultation: Drew Kennedy, the owner of Southern Heritage Construction Company, will schedule a meeting with the decision-makers at your home to view the space, gather information, discuss your goals and provide a general budget range for the work involved.

Southern Heritage Custom Construction -Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo

Design/Planning Process:

Design/Planning Agreement: Your home is very valuable and we want to make sure that we plan your home remodeling project to obtain the highest quality results. This often requires many professional hours of expertise in a variety of services, such as an architect, interior designer, 3D renderings and CAD drawings, engineering, surveying, and other as-needed professional services. The design fee amount is on a case-by-case basis and is often waived for smaller and fewer complex projects.

Based on the complexity of the project, a design fee will be required in order to begin collaborating with the clients in order to create an accurate design, provide professional selections of finished products, and build a detailed scope of work with a final cost. SHCC has curated the skills and knowledge over the last 20 years to provide the most unique design solutions. We want that wow factor with every project.

  1. Design: Depending on the scope of work we will create drawings of the new proposed layout to help you visualize the new spaces and to help estimate the project budget.
  2. Budget: Based on the approved sketch and additional information gathered, we work towards establishing an accurate budget to help determine the future direction of the project. This budget is an approximate range that will help guide the final design and the remaining feasibility of the project.
  3. Planning: This is an exciting process as we work towards putting all of the pieces of the design and cost together that will form the reality of the remodeling project. During this process, the client will visit our showrooms to make product selections with our designers. We will work closely with the client along the way as we make sure the designs and product selections are satisfactory to their unique preferences. We will continue to communicate any significant budget changes along the way.
  4. Craftsman visits: The last part of the planning process is to have our experienced trade partners review your home during a scheduled walk-thru in order to become more familiar with the scope of work, to provide any suggestions that could help save cost, and to provide our final labor costs.
Southern Heritage Custom Construction - Home Remodeling Process Design Phase
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Southern Heritage Custom Construction - Custom Home Remodeling Consultation

Design Presentation

After the final design with product selections and the final budget has been approved by the client, then the construction contract is presented. We then provide a detailed scope of work with a fixed-cost bid that includes the chosen product selections, allowances, client-approved designs, and an overview construction timeline.

Southern Heritage Custom Construction - Our Custom Home Remodeling Process
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 Building Process:

Being the most hands-on step of the process, we make sure to take the time to be precise and attentive in every aspect of the project.

Depending on the complexity of the new remodel, we begin working towards obtaining all of the necessary building permits and zoning approvals as required. Materials are ordered and the skilled tradesmen are scheduled for the exciting remodel of your home.

Drew Kennedy, the company owner, will supervise the remodeling construction process while keeping the client informed throughout the entire process. SHCC team members take pride in their work and want to exceed every expectation. Every project has its own specific needs and challenges, and our team knows how to be creative in bringing the project to life.

Southern Heritage Custom Construction, LLC helps homeowners in the Colorado Springs area renovate, remodel, and renew their houses in every aspect. We specialize in bathroom, kitchen, basement, and whole-house remodeling along with any home additions, decks, or outdoor living spaces. Our process, we design, we plan, and we build a personal and unique living space for each client. We assure that every project not only adds to the home’s value but also goes above and beyond to leave each customer more than satisfied. Contact us at (719) 640-9117 to start building your dream home remodel today!