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Outdoor decks are among the most usable and inviting spaces in a home, especially in Colorado Springs, CO, where the sun shines an average of 253 days per year. Professional deck builders can help homeowners in the region make the most of their outdoor living spaces and take full advantage of the majestic views of the Pikes Peak mountain range. Investing in the expertise of professional deck builders can provide great enjoyment for homeowners and ensure that their outdoor spaces are not only beautiful but also safe and functional.

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor living space, you’ll need the expertise of a professional deck builder. Skilled deck builders can design and create decks that meet your needs and local building codes, while also navigating any obstacles presented by the existing home structure and terrain. An experienced deck building and remodeling company can recommend decking, railing, lighting, and other products to enhance the outdoor area and make the deck more inviting and usable. 

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Living Space with Professional Deck Builders in Colorado Springs, CO

The initial stage of deck building and remodeling involves identifying the homeowner’s requirements and preferences. In this phase, the expertise of a professional deck builder can prove invaluable. They can help answer important questions like how much space is needed, the intended use of the deck, and the desired additional features such as a custom cover, fireplace, built-in grill, or enclosed walls. 

Additional features like a hot tub or an under-deck drainage system with lighting can be incorporated to make the area under the deck more usable. These features should be evaluated during the design stage to ensure a practical layout and structural stability of the new deck. An experienced deck builder will possess the expertise and resources to design and install all the necessary additional features that will enhance the new deck and outdoor spaces.

Hiring a Professional Deck Builder in Colorado Springs, CO to Ensure Compliance with HOA, Zoning, and Building Codes

The second phase of the deck build and remodel design process involves ensuring that the new deck complies with local HOA regulations, zoning restrictions, and building codes. A professional deck builder can be particularly helpful in this regard. They will have the expertise to navigate the guidelines provided by a homeowners association or architectural control committee and suggest solutions that meet your requirements.

County zoning guidelines provide critical information that determines the final layout and size of the deck, taking into account the need for adequate access for any future public utilities. If necessary, variances can be applied for in order to work around some zoning restrictions, and a seasoned deck builder will know how to obtain most variances.

Designing a long-lasting deck remodel entails taking many factors into consideration, such as maximizing deck space and overcoming obstacles. This may involve increasing spans between structural posts to provide more usable space, better scenic viewing or spanning over existing obstacles. An experienced deck building company can incorporate various materials such as steel framing, helical piers, pressure-treated framing, and larger beams like steel I beams or wood glulam beams to provide optimal support and use. In some instances, a steel spiral staircase may be necessary for limited areas.

Building backyard decks in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas can be challenging due to the terrain. Deck builders often encounter steep slopes, sandstone cliffs, boulders, and clay soils, although they may occasionally have the fortune of working on flat terrain. Despite the obstacles, the scenery can be rewarding. An experienced deck building and remodeling company will be adept at finding creative solutions and know how to work around various types of challenging terrain.

Choosing the Best Finishing Decking Materials with a Deck Builder in Colorado Springs, CO

The third phase of the deck building and remodeling process involves selecting the finishing decking materials. The decking and railing should blend well to create an overall look and feel that satisfies the homeowner’s needs. When choosing the final decking materials, there are various factors to consider, such as color, texture, heat resistance, and durability.

The wide range of available railing options, including fabricated wrought iron steel, composite, cable, glass, custom wrought iron steel, and aluminum, can be overwhelming. An experienced deck remodeling company can offer guidance and hands-on experience with different finishing materials to help the homeowner select the ones that work best for their needs and budget.

Transform your outdoor living space with Southern Heritage Custom Construction

A deck remodel may seem straightforward, but it requires a thorough consideration of both visible and invisible factors to enhance and maximize the outdoor living area. It takes an experienced and trustworthy deck remodeling company to design, build, and stand behind their work. Southern Heritage Custom Construction has the expertise, skills, and resources to design and build your next deck remodel.

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One of our recent projects was a large deck remodel that spanned 1,500 square feet of usable space, consisting of six connected levels of elevation built on sandstone cliffs. This unique deck was featured in the March/April 2023 issue of ‘Deck Specialist’, a national deck magazine.

Client’s Review:

Rated 5 out of 5
October 26, 2021

SHCC deserves the 5 star rating. Drew and his employees worked hard, long days during some very hot weather this particular summer and they did it with impressive attention to detail. They were flexible in handling changes to the original contract and enjoyable to work with. It should be noted that this was a somewhat exceptional project in terms of its size and complexity due to limited space on a ridge. Bottom line….mission accomplished by a very professional crew!!!

Mike K.

Drew Kennedy owner of Southern Heritage Custom Construction
Professional Deck Builders

Drew Kennedy, the owner and operator of Southern Heritage Custom Construction, brings over 20 years of experience in the construction industry to his design-build remodeling business. Having designed, built, and managed over 100 decks and outdoor projects, as well as numerous residential remodels in the Pikes Peak Mountain region, Drew has established a reputation for providing a custom and hands-on approach to his clients. He values collaboration with his clients to deliver a design and remodel that best meets their needs for their enhanced living spaces. At Southern Heritage Custom Construction, they take pride in their work and strive to create remodels that make their clients feel welcome in their new and improved living spaces.